Treated Pine Logs

The Local Blokes at Jimboomba Timbers are proud to say that they carry the biggest range of treated Pine Logs. From 80mm to 200mm diameter, with Lengths from 1.8 to 4.8 metres, Chances are we’ve got it in stock for you now.

If we haven’t got it we can get it for you often within 2 or 3 days.

With Pack Rates available make Jimboomba Timbers your one-stop-Log-Shop!

Phone today for a competitive quote.

Price List

Prices Last updated February 11, 2020

ItemSizePack SizePrice
Treated Pine Logs80 x 2400mm61$10.30ea
Treated Pine Logs80 x 3600mm61$15.40ea
Treated Pine Logs100 x 1800mm42$10.50ea
Treated Pine Logs100 x 2400mm42$14.60ea
Treated Pine Logs100 x 3000mm42$18.25ea
Treated Pine Logs100 x 3600mm42$22.20ea
Treated Pine Logs125 x 1800mm34$14.60ea
Treated Pine Logs125 x 2400mm34$20.20ea
Treated Pine Logs125 x 3000mm34$27.20ea
Treated Pine Logs125 x 3600mm34$32.65ea
Treated Pine Logs150 x 1800mm20$21.35ea
Treated Pine Logs150 x 2400mm20$29.50ea
Treated Pine Logs150 x 3000mm20$36.90ea
Treated Pine Logs150 x 3600mm20$47.70ea
Treated Pine Logs150 x 4800mm20$77.05ea
Rural Grade Logs200 x 1800mm14$44.10ea
Rural Grade Logs200 x 2400mm14$60.45ea
Log Splits100 x 3000mm64$11.15ea
Treated Pine Dome-Top Bollards150 x 1200mm20$20.25ea
Log Specific Hardware275 x 9mm Log SpikeN/A$2.50ea
Log Specific HardwareLog Connector Bracket -Type RN/A$2.20ea

While every effort is made to keep the information in this list current, all prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for pack pricing.

All Landscaping and Rural Graded Treated Pine Logs are Treated to Hazard Level H4 with Copper Chrome Arsenate. For Pack-Pricing, and pricing and information on Certified Building Poles please contact Jimboomba Timbers.