Pine Framing

Whether your a professional builder, a Tradesman or a Home Handyman, The trouble with building projects is when you need framing you need it now. The local Blokes at Jimboomba Timbers can boast the largest range of pine framing in the Area.

With Pack Rates available make Jimboomba Timbers the place to shop for all your framing needs.

The Right Price and The right advice


Due to the international shortage of pine framing some items may be out of stock. Please call 5547 8722 during business hours to check availability. 


Price List

Prices Last updated 2022-04-12 05:32:53

SizeGrade/TreatmentAvailable LengthsPrice Per L/M
42 x 35mmBatten CCA H34.8m Lengths$4.60
50 x 38mmUntreated Pine BattenMini Bundles 4@5.4m$1.70
70 x 35mmUtility Untreated2.335m Lengths$6.90 each
70 x 35mmMGP10 Untreated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$6.50
70 x 35mmMGP10 T2 (Blueframe)2.4, 3.0, 3.6m Lengths$6.40
70 x 35mmMGP10 T2 (Blueframe) 4.8, 5.4, & 6.0m Lengths$7.10
70 x 35mmMGP10 H3 Treated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$7.55
70 x 35mmMGP12 T2 (Blue Frame)4.8 and 6.0m Lengths$8.35
70 x 45mmMGP10 H3 Treated6.0m Lengths$11.50
90 x 35mmUtility Pine Framing2.7 lengths$10.35
90 x 35mmMGP10 Untreated6.0m Lengths$6.30
90 x 35mmMGP10 T2 (Blueframe)4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$7.05
90 x 35mmMGP10 H3 Treated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$7.60
90 x 35mmMGP12 T2 (Blue Frame)6.0m Lengths$9.60
90 x 45mmMGP10 T2 (Blueframe)6.0m Lengths$13.30
90 x 45mmF7 H3 Treated3.6, 4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$11.10
120 x 35mmMGP12 LOSP H36.0m Lengths$9.25
140 x 35mmF7 H3 Treated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$10.60
140 x 45mmF7 H3 Treated3.6, 4.8, 5.4 & 6.0m Lengths$16.50
190 x 35mmF7 H3 Treated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$14.10
190 x 45mmF7 H3 Treated3.6, 4.8, 5.4 & 6.0m Lengths$21.80
240 x 45mmF7 H3 Treated3.6, 4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$28,70
290 x 45mmF7 H3 Treated4.8 & 6.0m Lengths$39.15
90 x 90mmF7 H3 Treated2.4m Lengths$74.10 each
90 x 90mmF7 H3 Treated3.0m Lengths$92.65 each
90 x 90mmF7 H3 Treated3.6 m Lengths$111.15 each
LVL Truform Orange95 x 65 x 6000mm $85.00 each
LVL Edgeform100 x 36 x 6000mm$51.50 each
LVL Edgeform150 x 36 x 6000mm$76.70 each
LVL Edgeform200 x 36 x 6000mm$102.50 each
LVL Edgeform300 x 42 x 6000mm$178.00 each

While every effort is made to keep the information in this list current, all prices are subject to change without notice.

Please call for pack pricing.