Whether you’re keeping it in or keeping it out you’re going to need a gate. (or, 2, or 3!)

The local blokes stock a great range of, paling gate frames, galvanised mesh gates from 1.0 to 4.2 metres, as well as a variety of Hinging and Latching options.

Price List

Prices Last updated December 6, 2019

1000mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$52.00
1200mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$54.00
1500mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$60.50
1800mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$67.50
2400mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$81.50
2400mm Galvanised 5 Bar Gate$79.50
3000mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$104.00
3000mm Galvanised 5 Bar Gate$93.50
3600mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$110.00
3600mm Galvanised 5 Bar Gate$114.50
4200mm Galvanised Mesh Gate$130.00
Paling Gate Frame - Galvanised Steel w/Latch & Hinges
1500 x 1000mm
Paling Gate Frame - Galvanised Steel w/Latch & Hinges 1000 x 1000mm$77.35
Paling Gate Frame - Galvanised Steel w/Hinges 1500 x 1500mm$160.00
Gate Kit Light Duty - JT 1$23.00
Gate Kit Medium Duty - JT 2 (To suit round posts)$26.50
Gate Kit Heavy Duty - SDH-ES$26.35
Double Gate Bow Latch$13.00
Butterfly Latch (2-Way Gate Latch) Galvanised$17.90
D' Latch & Striker$8.50
Banana Latch w/450mm Chain & Eye Screw$11.50
310mm Galvanised Drop Bolt$8.95
Galvanised Long Plate Gudgeon Pin 25mm (To suit 32mm Mesh/Farm Gate)$5.80
Galvanised Strap Hinge 32mm (To suit 32mm Mesh/Farm Gate)$2.50
Angle Post Gudgeon Pin - 25mm To suit Round Post$11.95
Angle Post Strap Hinge - 25mm to suit round post$4.60
Screw in Gudgeon Pin - 25NB$10.00
Bolt-Through 400mm Top Gate Hinge - 25NB$10.75


While every effort is made to keep the information in this list current, all prices are subject to change without notice.