ACQ Treated Timber

The evidence AGAINST the use of CCA Treated Timber isn’t strong, but the simple fact is that lots of people don’t trust it, won’t trust it and won’t use it because Arsenate is one of the Chemicals used in the Manufacture of the CCA Compound. In fact most State Governments and Local Councils have chosen to err on the side of caution and have completely disallowed the use of CCA Treated Timber in Schools, Playgrounds, and other areas where Children come into contact with the Timber.

But there is good news. There’s an alternative Timber Treatment called ACQ – Alkaline Copper Quartenary which is manufactured without using Arsenic and Chromium and offers peace of mind, when used in the construction of Sandpits, Cubby Houses & Vegie Gardens.

Price List


Prices Last updated January 13, 2017

ACQ Treated Pine Log100 x 1800mm$17.30
ACQ Treated Pine Log125 x 2400mm$32.60
ACQ Treated Pine Log125 x 3000mm$40.65
ACQ Treated Pine Log125 x 3600mm$48.85
ACQ Treated Pine Log150 x 1800mm$35.60
ACQ Treated Pine Sleeper150 x 50 x 3000mm21.20
ACQ Treated Pine Sleeper200 x 50 x 2400mm$20.50
ACQ Treated Pine Sleeper200 x 50 x 3000mm$25.60
ACQ Treated Pine Sleeper200 x 75 x 2400mm$30.75
ACQ Treated Pine Garden Edge100 x 25 x 4800mm$11.50
ACQ Treated Pine Fence Rail100 x 50 x 4800mm$22.50

While every effort is made to keep the information in this list current, all prices are subject to change without notice.

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